Innovating flood prevention management

Today, sandbags are the most commonly used protection against flooding. However, the traditional use of sandbags is an extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive solution to protect longer distances against flooding. In addition, sandbags typically do not seal properly making the sandbag dam highly unreliable. When sandbags are soaked in floodwater, they become contaminated and their disposal has a high environmental impact. Accordingly, there is a need to innovate the approach to flood prevention management.

At Cold Flood Prevention, we have done just that.

Flooding has deep humanitarian and economic consequences for individuals and communities. Our mission is to prevent the enormous humanitarian and economic consequences of flooding through new innovative products. We are committed to improving the global response to emergency flood situations through our products that enable local authorities and emergency services to better control, manage and prevent flooding.

Michael Cold, CEO

Working with local disaster management agencies

Cold Flood Prevention is an effective alternative to the traditional sandbag dam. The barrier is both far more effective in preventing flooding with a quick response time. It is even a very cost-effective solution to prevent flooding.

We are currently working with a number of local partners and disaster management agencies primarily in Southeast Asia to introduce our innovative system and providing them with a highly effective solution that will significantly reduce the massive humanitarian and economic damages caused by flooding.

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